Mobility Database UI

The Mobility Database Catalogs project aggregates metadata & source URLs for thousands of GTFS providers; and this data is distributed as a CSV file. Meanwhile, Mobroute is a general purpose FOSS public transportation router which ingests / integrates directly with the Mobility Database to ingest GTFS data. For users of Mobroute, this webpage is just a simple UI to visualize Mobility Database's CSV and allows users of Mobroute to search & sort feed sources to find an appropriate feed (MDBID) for use with Transito or Mobroute's CLI.

In this UI, feeds that are tested by Mobroute's CI are indicated in green. These feeds are known to produce working routes with Mobroute, as tested in development. Secondarily, feeds that are flagged as "active" by the Mobility Database are indicated in blue; many of these feeds should work with Mobroute OOTB; as generally speaking any GTFS feed (with recent data) conforming to spec should work for routing requests with Mobroute. Feeds in gray should not be used as they contain stale data, are not updated, invalid GTFS, or otherwise deprecated.